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Holy Family Catholic Church
Edinburg, TX

Mission Statement

We, the Catholic Community of Holy Family in Edinburg, Texas, gather together: 

  • To praise the Father in proclaiming His Word and instructing the family and future generations. 

  • To encounter the Son in walking in the way of faith, hope and love through the sacraments and our vocations. 

  • To live in the Spirit in welcoming each other as family, sharing our faith, sacrifices and to be strengthened in God's service. 

Mass Schedule - Horario de Misas

Daily Mass - Misa Diaria

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Lunes. Martes, Jueves:

5:30pm Español



Wednesday & Friday

Miércoles & Viernes:

5:30pm English

Confessions - Confesiones




by appointment

(o con cita previa)

Weekend Mass - Misa de Fin de Semana


5:30pm Español

(Anticipated Mass)


9:00am - Español

11:00am - English

1:00pm - English

Holy Hour - Hora Santa

First Friday of the month after 5:30pm Mass

Primer Viernes del mes después de Misa de 5:30pm


Third Wednesday of the month

Tercer Miércoles del mes


What Are the Holy Days of Obligation?

The Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church says that there are nine holy days of obligation other than Sundays, but it also says that the local conference of bishops may suppress some of them or transfer them to a Sunday.

Bishops in the United States have suppressed the feast of Saint Joseph and the feast of Saints Peter and Paul as holy days of obligation. In addition, the feast of Epiphany is always celebrated on a Sunday in the U.S.

While Bishops lifted the dispensations from the obligation to attend Mass that were in place for much of the Coronavirus pandemic, your Sunday and holy day obligation can be dispensed for a just cause. This may include physical illness or having an inability to go to Mass, such as being the only caregiver for someone who is homebound. Catholics are encouraged to use their prudential judgment and guidance from their priests in determining such a dispensation.

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